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EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads

EBC Brakes (European Brake Corporation)
EBC Brake Pads — Greenstuff, Redstuff, 6000 Series Extra Duty
EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors - Dimpled & Slotted Rotors

 EBC Brakes
EBC Brakes - Sport Brake Rotors & Greenstuff Brake Pads


Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers, Brake Lines & Conversion Kits!



Over the last 20 years, the European Brake Corporation (EBC) has grown to become the independent brake manufacturer offering the world’s largest range of brake components for motorcycles, high performance cars, SUVs and trucks, go-carts, ATVs and mountain bikes.

EBC began by manufacturing motorcycle brakes and became a dominant force in motorcycle brakes all over the world with a list of national and world championship winners using EBC products looking like the “who’s who” of motorcycle racing. EBC quality and performance continues to dominate motorcycle racing with their products having been used by the last three successive World Super Sport Champions in road racing, and by both the U.S. and World Champion Arena Cross riders.

In the late 80s, EBC launched its automotive range of Kevlar Disc Brake Pads and due to the quality and performance of these products, EBC’s rise in the European market has been nothing less than spectacular.

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