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We specialize in taking what your car came with from the factory and improving upon it. Usually, for slightly more than you would pay for original equipment quality brakes, you can vastly improve the braking performance of your current system. And higher end products, like slotted rotors, high-performance brake pads and stainless braided brake lines, can improve your braking up to 50%! If these upgrades still aren’t enough for your driving style, we’ll be happy to assist you through the big brake upgrade process. Whether it’s Brembo, Rotora or StopTech, or one of the other big brake kits we represent, we can help!

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595 Grey Fox Farm Road
Houston, Texas

Founder & Author: Zayan

Meet Zayan, the mechanical genius behind the highly acclaimed brakes problems and solutions website. With over a decade of hands-on experience in the automotive industry, Zayan has become a trusted authority in the realm of brake systems. His passion for cars, coupled with his expertise in solving complex brake-related issues, has earned him a devoted following of car enthusiasts, mechanics, and everyday drivers seeking reliable guidance.

The Early Years: Zayan’s journey into the world of mechanics began at a young age when he would spend hours tinkering with broken toys and household appliances. As he grew older, his fascination with how things worked led him to pursue formal education in automotive engineering. He completed various certifications and training programs, honing his skills in various aspects of vehicle maintenance.

Professional Growth: After completing his formal education, Zayan embarked on a rewarding career in the automotive industry. His passion for problem-solving and unwavering dedication to perfecting his craft allowed him to quickly gain recognition among his peers and supervisors. Zayan’s primary focus was on brake systems, and he swiftly became known as the go-to expert in diagnosing and repairing brake-related issues.

The Birth of a Website: With an ever-growing desire to share his knowledge and empower car owners, Zayan took a leap and launched his website dedicated to brakes problems and solutions. The platform aimed to provide comprehensive and user-friendly resources for anyone seeking information on brake maintenance, common issues, and effective troubleshooting techniques.

A Helping Hand to Car Enthusiasts: Zayan’s website became an invaluable resource for both seasoned mechanics and amateur car enthusiasts. The articles and guides he authored were meticulously detailed yet easy to understand, enabling readers to grasp complex brake-related concepts without feeling overwhelmed. From identifying the subtle signs of brake wear to explaining the intricacies of ABS systems, Zayan’s expertise has helped countless individuals maintain their vehicles’ safety and performance.

Recognition and Acclaim: Over the years, Zayan’s contributions to the automotive community have not gone unnoticed. He has been featured in various industry publications, collaborated with renowned car manufacturers on brake-related projects, and has been invited as a guest speaker at automotive conferences. However, despite the recognition, Zayan remains grounded and continues to prioritize assisting everyday drivers in resolving their brake-related concerns.

Our Vission

To Help everyday drivers DIY Car brake maintenance

As Zayan looks to the future, his mission remains steadfast: to expand his website’s offerings and cater to an even broader audience. He plans to incorporate video tutorials, interactive tools, and live Q&A sessions to foster a sense of community among his followers. Zayan’s ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their mechanical expertise, can have a safe and enjoyable driving experience through proper brake maintenance.