Rotora® Brakes — Big Brake Kits and Performance Brake Rotors, Pads & Lines

Rotora Brakes

Rotora® is a worldwide aftermarket designer and manufacturer of high-performance braking systems and brake components including brake calipers, cast iron discs (to OE specifications) and ceramic composite brake discs, stainless steel braided brake lines and brake pads ranging from street performance to full race.

Rotora® is fully committed to develop an uncompromising braking system to meet and exceed all required brake performance specifications. This drive towards higher innovative braking solutions not only involves exploring new materials and technologies, but also research in vehicle dynamics to achieve the greatest balance between efficiency, stability, reliability and controllability.

Rotora®'s high-performance Brake Upgrade Kits are available in three distinct versions:

Rotora Brake Upgrade Kits

See the Rotora® Catalog for list pricing. Call Brakewarehouse at 1-800-214-4034 or 607-264-2619 for price and availability.

Craftsmanship, innovation and performance – these are the commitments Rotora® offers to consumer demands for the very best in quality, safety and performance products:

  • Rotora® manages all phases of development from conceptual design, development, testing, machining, quality control, distribution and customer service in their manufacturing facilities in Southern California, USA.

  • Rotora® conducts rigorous research, design and engineering, along with extensive road and track testing to produce the most innovative and cost effective brake components available.

  • Rotora®’s high-quality is maintained through strict ISO quality control in Rotora®’s production facilities, which assure that every component meet worldwide ISO quality and safety standards.

  • Rotora® has received TÜV certification on certain vehicles models and will continue its verification on future model offerings through TÜV.

  • Rotora® manufactures a wide variety of high-performance brake upgrade systems and components for Domestic, Import, European, and Truck/SUV applications.

  • Rotora® also designs and manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty brake systems for armored and defense vehicle applications for private sectors.

Rotora Brakes

For more information, see Rotora® Resources.