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Rotex Brake Pads

Rotex Brake Pads

          Rotex Brake Pads - The No Black Dust Brake Pad 

The No Black Dust Brake Pad


Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers, Brake Lines & Conversion Kits!

Rotex Brake Pads

Rotex Brake Pads offer top-rated performance and a long service life and are extremely low dusting.  Rotex Brake Pads were originally developed for high end import vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes as a pad with exceptional stopping power without the unsightly black dust typical of factory brake pads.  Rotex now offers a comprehensive line for domestic and import vehicles so all auto enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of dust-free wheels.
Rotex Gold Brake Pads

Rotex GOLD Brake Pads

Rotex Gold Brake Pads are Kevlar-blended, semi-metallic pads, combining top-rated performance with a long service life.  The exclusive friction formula combines Kevlar and extra-fine, soft steel wire with powdered sponge iron for maximum heat transfer, along with silver virgin graphite for smooth, quiet performance.  The resulting formula has a high metal content for performance.  Reduced vibration formula reduces noise and runs virtually dust-free.

     Rotex Gold Premium Metallic Disc Brake Pads feature:

  • Quieter by design
  • Ultra smooth braking
  • Extremely low dusting
  • Faster heat dissipation
  • Slotted and chamfered as specified by original equipment
  • Formulated using premium raw materials, without compromise!
  • 100% integrally molded with low resin content formulation resulting in:
    • Superior strength
    • Exceptional durability
    • Increased rotor contact
  • Manufactured
    • Using state-of-the-art equipment, including the highest tonnage presses available
    • With supreme powder coated finish for superior protection and appearance
    • Using expensive diamond wheel grinders to provide a consistent flat mating surface to the rotor
    • Under stringent quality management guidelines as set by ISO 9001:2000
    • With consideration for our environment at an ISO 14001-certified facility

See Rotex Gold Premium Metallic Disc Brake Pads Brochure for a printable brochure.

Rotex SILVER Brake Pads

Rotex Silver Brake Pads are their premium non-asbestos organic (NAO), low-metallic brake pads designed to replace early asbestos and low-metallic formulations.  The Rotex Silver pads use the same premium components as the Rotex Gold formulation with a lower metal content offering smooth, quiet performance.

Rotex SEVERE DUTY Brake Pads

Rotex Severe Duty Brake Pads are designed to handle tough conditions.  Formulation includes high metal and carbon content for extreme braking conditions.  Low resin content allows long life and maximum fade resistance.  This formulation and the new NRS plate technology add up to high performance and long life.

NRS plate technology was originally created to solve reliability issues with brakes on heavy duty vehicles where adhesive-bonded pads were failing due to a breakdown between the glue and friction material. Edge-lift occurs as the bond between the brake pad and backing plate weakens.  This causes increased vibration and noise – referred to as “delamination noise” – and requires replacement well before the bulk of the friction is used.

Nucap Indistries, Inc. showcased its Nucap Retention System (NRS) safe backing plates for brakes.  First used on school busses in California, where durability and reliability are key, NRS spread to other vehicle divisions, such as racing, the military, rescue fleets and other extreme duty vehicles.  It finally has trickled down to passenger vehicles, where it has been proven to be reliable and effective.

The NRS plate eliminates the need for thermoset adhesive between plate and friction as well as punch holes to hold friction material.  Instead, NRS is hundreds of steel hooks that are part of the backing plate itself that bite into the brake pad creating an indestructible bond between friction and backing plate.  NRS hooks prevent edge-lift by providing a more secure and permanent bond.  And a solid bond between friction and backing plate eliminates vibration, a major cause of brake noise.  NRS-applied pads provide quiet and safe braking, including 100% stopping power to the last millimeter of pad life. 

Rotex Severe Duty Brake Pads utilize NRS Plate Technology

Brake pads with NRS plate technology – like Rotex SEVERE DUTY Brake Pads – provide long service life and deliver safe, reliable and quiet braking.

Ceramicool CERAMIC Brake Pads

Rotex are available in a low dust ceramic formulation — Ceramicool Brake Pads.

For auto enthusiasts that care about braking performance and how their wheels look!
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