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Power Slot Cryo by Frozen Rotors

Power Slot Cryo by Frozen Rotors

Power Slot Cryo by Frozen Rotors!



Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers, Brake Lines & Conversion Kits!

Power Slot Cryo by Frozen Rotors


Power Slot Frozen Rotors!
  When you need something tougher than a Power Slot rotor, but you’re not quite ready for a big brake kit, try Power Slot’s new Power Slot Cryo brake rotors. They’ve teamed up with Frozen Rotors to offer cryogenic treatment on their entire Power Slot rotor line.

Deep cryogenic treatment is a one-time process that permanently improves the performance and service life of metals from brake rotors and engine parts, to machine tools and gear sets. Using a proprietary computer-controlled process, the metal is cooled gradually to -300°F and then slowly returned to room temperature and heat-cycled as the final step.

Power Slot Cryo Frozen Rotors!   Although not apparent to the naked eye, the improvements to the cryogenically-treated rotor are significant. The cryogenic treatment process increases tensile strength at higher temperatures giving the rotor an extra level of protection against warping.

Any new Power Slot slotted brake rotor can be cryogenically treated prior to shipment. Allow 5-10 business days for processing.

Cryo Brake Rotor Wear Comparison!

Cryo Brake Pad Wear Comparison!

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