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Posi Quiet Brakes by Centric Parts

Posi Quiet Brakes by Centric Parts
Posi Quiet Brake Pads (Semi-Metallic, Ceramic, Extended Wear)
Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Calipers

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Posi Quiet Brakes — Posi Quiet Brake Pads — Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Calipers 

Once again, Centric Parts sets a new standard in the automotive aftermarket by introducing Posi Quiet, a line of original equipment replacement brake parts.  The Posi Quiet line of brake pads and brake calipers provides an unmatched level of quality and value.

By installing Posi Quiet replacement parts, you can be assured that you are getting top quality products engineered to meet or exceed the function of the original part.

Each component is specifically designed for each application and the attention to detail throughout the manufacturing and testing process ensures the part will perform to the exacting standards of today's vehicles.  Additionally, each Posi Quiet brake component is finished in the same way as the original.

                                   Posi Quiet Brake Pads - Semi-Metallic, Ceramic, Extended Wear                                                  Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Caliper

  • Posi Quiet Brake Pads — All Posi Quiet friction compounds have been specifically formulated to match original equipment.  Their brake pads feature a positive molding process that eliminates any impurities in the friction compound ensuring consistent pedal feel and stopping performance.  Posi Quiet Brake Pads are available in three friction formulas each suited for varied applications and vehicle uses:  Posi Quiet Semi-Metallic , Posi Quiet Ceramic or Posi Quiet Extended Wear .  For more information, see Posi-Quiet Brake Pads.

  • Posi Quiet Brake Calipers — Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Calipers feature a zinc dichromate-finish or OE-colored powder coating depending on application.  Posi Quiet aluminum calipers utilize a black powder coating.  These features ensure that the caliper will look as good as it works throughout its lifetime.  For more information, see Posi-Quiet Brake Calipers.


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