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Performance Friction Carbon Metallic

Performance Friction Carbon Metallic®


Quiet - Effectiveness at preventing brake and rotor vibration that causes noise while braking.

Stopping Power - The friction level of the pad in all driving conditions. The higher the stopping power, the safer the brake and the less pedal effort required to stop the vehicle.

Prevents Pulsation - The resistance to transmitting vibration and pulsation of the brakes as felt through the brake pedal and/or the steering wheel.

Pad Life - The amount of wear during usage. Less pad wear means longer pad life.

Rotor Life - The amount of rotor wear (decreased thickness) during usage. Less rotor wear means longer rotor life.

No Mushy Pedal - Mushy or soft pedal is manifest through long pedal travel. The brake pedal should feel firm and responsive to driver input.

Low Dusting - Brake dust can stick to your rims, especially alloy rims with large open spaces between spokes. Less dusting means the wheels stay cleaner.

Fade Resistant - High brake temperature can cause a loss of friction (fade) on some brakes, especially in stop-and-go driving or when towing or carrying a heavy load.


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