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Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Brake Pads

We have limited stock on Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads. Please enter your vehicle information to see what we have in stock for your vehicle.


If we do not have the Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Brake Pads in stock we recommend either the Hawk Performance High Performance Street (HPS) Brake Pads or EBC Brakes Greenstuff 2000 Series Brake Pads.



Hawk Performance

Hawk Performance


HPS 5.0 and HPS

  • Pushing the Limits of ABS.
  • Decreased stopping distances.
  • Improved pedal feel from initial pressure through entire pedal stroke.
  • Minimal fade under Higher Temps.
  • High friction/torque hot or cold.
  • Gentle on rotors.
  • Very quiet, low noise.
  • Improved braking over OE pads.
  • Extended pad life.


EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes

Greenstuff 2000 Series Brake Pads

  • Designed for use on passenger cars up to 200 BHP.
  • Medium dust fast street pad with 20-25% brake improvement on OE.
  • Capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake “Fall-Off”.
  • Very minimal disc/rotor damage characteristics.
  • ECE R 90 type approved for most cars.
  • Features red “brake in’ surface coating for instant safe braking after install.
  • Made from a specially designed softer compound which gives a longer lifetime as well as improved pedal feel at lower speeds.
  • Excellent type approved upgrade pad for lighter model Asian and European sport compacts.


Perfect Friction Carbon Metallic Brake Pads



Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 105 (FMVSS 105) specifies a standard of performance for trucks, buses and cars equipped with hydraulic brakes. Not all disc brake pads meet FMVSS 105 performance standards, But Performance Friction believes all Carbon Metallic disc pads should stop without fail and meet or exceed FMVSS 105. You can be sure with Carbon Metallic. Carbon Metallic is now OE at Ford and GMC.


We understand hot disc brakes. When disc brakes get unusually hot Carbon Metallic pads keep delivering that important safe and reliable stopping power. We also offer the highest pad bond shear strength in the business because we invented Ionic Fusion (tm) to be positive that your pads don't debond. We give a commercial vehicle warranty. That's why we are truck, bus and OE proven. That's why we are Performance Friction.


Many maintenance people have documented in the field under realistic conditions the superior life of Carbon Metallic disc pads. Documented to be clearly superior in comparative evaluations. Documented to be clearly superior while preserving rotor life. You realize that shortened pad life means more maintenance cost both for labor and material. Do your disc pads last as long as they should? Specify, Carbon Metallic.


Rotor life and brake pad life are both important to good economy. Performance Friction ensures extended rotor life because the carbon technology in Carbon Metallic brake pads provides superior disc conditioning. That' s what we say Performance Friction links rotor life to pad life.


Carbon Metallic is the only disc brake with Ionic Fusion(TM) pad attachment engineered for superior antilock (ABS) compatibility, integrally molded (no rivets) disc pads reduce plate flexing throughout the life of the pad. Carbon Metallic's friction stability remains constant. This allows antilock (ABS) software to work as intended throughout the life of the disc pad.


Carbon Metallic performance characteristics link rotor life to pad life. Pad life is extended, too. Stopping failures and breakdowns are minimized. This all means fewer service calls, longer maintenance cycles, reduced maintenance labor, and more vehicles on the road. Combine that with the reasonable cost of replacement pads, add up the cost categories, divide by the miles driven and what do you get? Carbon Metallic. It delivers the "Lowest Cost per Mile". Don't let a cheap pad steal your "Cost per Mile".