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EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors

EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors
Dimpled & Slotted Performance Brake Rotors

 EBC Brakes
EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors - Dimpled & Slotted Performance Rotors


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While EBC brake pads will work well with original equipment and good quality brake rotors, the award-winning EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors will enhance a vehicle’s appearance while they help it stop.

One look at the EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors through a vehicle’s wheels reveals a "full sweep" groove pattern that helps keep the surfaces of the brake pads clean (by scraping away burnt carbon deposits from the pad’s surface) and ensures parallel brake pad wear.  Then, "blind hole" dimples provide a “cross-drilled brake rotor" look while reducing the chance of the rotor cracking around the drilled holes.

EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors reduce brake fade by helping evacuate the surface film of gases that are often released during heavy braking.  All brake pads contain some organic (living) materials, like the petro-chemical resins that bind the friction materials together.  As the organic materials “overheat," they revert to gases that may cause the brake pads to lose some of their contact with the rotor, essentially “aquaplaning" away from the rotor on a film of gases.  While some brake pads only fade once or twice before they settle down, the Sport-Grooved Brake Rotor's grooves and dimples help evacuate surface gases to reduce brake fade.

While EBC Sport Grooved Sport Brake Rotors are appropriate for “track day" applications, they should not be used for racing.

If you are using EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors for “track day" use, you MUST use EBC Redstuff grade track day brake pads.  The amount of heat that can be put into the vehicle’s rotor system at a track day is hundreds of degrees more than is typical of road use.  The Redstuff Brake Pads are appropriate because they are designed to:

  • Last longer in track use
  • Draw more heat out of the disc due to their design and construction
  • Give less brake fade

If you intend to use EBC Sport-Grooved Sport Brake Rotors for track days, you should always take spare brake pads.  If your car is running EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads on the street, you should switch to EBC Redstuff Brake Pads for track day use and then switch back to the EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads for the ride home.

NOTE:  Brake rotors are wear items and as such, should also be inspected regularly and replaced as necessary.  Rotors should be replaced when their “Worn Rotor Minimum Thickness" (expressed in millimeters) has reached the prescribed limit engraved on the edge of the brake disc.

NOTE:  EBC Sport-Grooved Brake Rotors are not available via our online catalog.  Please call Brakewarehouse at 1-888-344-4949 to determine product availability and pricing.

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