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Ceramicool Brake Pads

(formerly Ceramicool Brake Pads)
Ceramicool Brake Pads

ROTEX Ceramicool


Ceramicool Brake Pads

We have limited stock on Rotex Ceramicool pads. Please enter your vehicle information to see what we have in stock for your vehicle.

If we do not have the Rotex Ceramicool pads in stock our replacement recommendations are EBC Yellowstuff pads ,EBC Greenstuff 6000 series pads,or Hawk Performance HPS pads

Rotex Ceramicool Recommended Replacements

Ceramicool Brake Pads

Ceramicool Brake Pads are the revolutionary “true” organic ceramic formulation designed for cool, clean, quiet and long-lasting operation. While other friction manufacturers claim to have “ceramic formulations,” they are often nothing more than existing semi-metallic formulations with small amounts of ceramic particles introduced into the mix. Ceramicool is the "true" ceramic formulation. Don’t be fooled by “ceramic enhanced,” trust the “true” ceramic formulation – trust Ceramicool.

Ceramicool provides the ultimate in braking friction technology designed as replacement pads for OE ceramic applications or as a premium upgrade for all friction materials.

Ceramicool Ceramic Disc Brake Pads feature:

• Advanced formulation for cool, clean, quiet, long-lasting operation • Low metal content for lighter weight and quieter operation • High fade resistance for low wear and long life for pads and rotors • Virtually dust-free for clean wheels and smooth running brake components • Include TruQuiet TruFit noise suppressing shims to further enhance the benefits of OE-style slots and chamfers • Manufacturing process meets ISO 9001:2000 standards o state-of-the art molding equipment for maximum product density o in-line diamond wheel grinding equipment for the flattest surface grind tolerance from progressive cuts

Cool– up to 350 cooler

With a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing process that includes OE style slots and chamfers and premium raw materials, Ceramicool Brake Pads are specifically designed to dissipate heat equal to or better than any current formulation on the market. In laboratory testing, Ceramicool pads operate up to 350 cooler than the comparable semi-metallic formulation. The result is consistent braking power, without fade and without fail, each and every time you stop your vehicle. Even under the most extreme driving conditions, Ceramicool is the “cool” performer.

Clean – low wear for greater life span

With less wear, Ceramicool virtually eliminates the unwanted steel fiber dust contamination associated with most semi-metallic formulations. Your vehicle’s wheels, rotors and calipers retain their showroom appearance throughout the extra miles provided by the longer life of Ceramicool Brake Pads. The superior heat dissipation properties of Ceramicool Brake Pads results in minimal rotor wear that extends the life of the braking system. Ceramicool is an environmentally friendly organic formulation.

Quiet – Eliminate groan & creep noise

One of the inherent properties of Ceramicool is its refined ability to dampen the harsh noises associated with the engagement of semi-metallic pads with the hard metal surface of the rotor. The Ceramicool organic friction formulation eliminates brake groan and creep noise associated with semi-metallic formulations. Ceramicool's TruQuiet TruFit noise-suppressing shims further enhance the benefits of OE-style slots and chamfers and are standard on all Ceramicool Brake Pads.