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Centric Parts Brakes

Centric Parts Brakes
Full Line of Brake Parts — Pads, Rotors, Calipers, Hydraulics, Hoses & Lines

Centric Parts

Centric Parts Brakes


Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers, Brake Lines & Conversion Kits


Ambition inspires Centric.
Enthusiasm drives Centric.
At Centric Parts, they strive to exceed customer expectations.

Centric Parts is committed to bringing you the best brake parts in the aftermarket by providing the most complete application-specific brake program available anywhere.

With unparalleled commitment and expertise in research and development, Centric Parts is the leader in brake parts.

Their commitment to excellence begins with their research & development team – experts at designing parts and testing products. Centric's expertise and commitment to their brake program and the products they represent have allowed them to set new standards in the automotive aftermarket.

In a competitive business environment, the truest measure of success is customer satisfaction – at Centric Parts, they strive to exceed customer expectations.

Quality and innovation define Centric Parts. Their talent, resources and vision prove it!

Always driving quality & innovation.

Right Time.   Right Place.   Right Part.

In their continuing mission to be the leader in brake systems, Centric Parts, in combination with StopTech, have produced numerous Technical White Papers. Visit Centric Part's website to access these Technical Guides. Author credits are noted within each paper.

  • Brake Technology
    • Brake Caliper Move-Out Kits
    • The Physics of Braking Systems
    • Brake Bias and Performance: Why Brake Balance Matters
    • Brake Systems and Upgrade Selections
    • Rear Brake Upgrades: Is Bigger Really Better?
    • ABS and Big Brake Kits: Fundamentals, Impacts and Real-World Solutions
    • Formulas for Vehicle Braking Dynamics
  • Understanding Braking Experiences
    • The "Warped" Brake Disc and Other Myths of the Braking System
    • Brake Pad Knockback: A Common Racing Phenomenon
  • Technical Guides
    • Brake Pedal Setup and Dual Master Cylinder Installation Guide
    • Pad and Rotor Bed-In Theory, Definitions and Procedures
    • Removal of Uneven Pad Deposits with Aggressive Friction
    • How to Bleed Brakes – The Right Way
    • Bleeding Anti-Lock Brakes - Is it really as difficult as it sounds?
    • SportStop 126 Slotted Rotor Installation Direction
  • Braking System Components
    • Brake Fluid 1A
    • MONOBLOC Versus Two-Piece Calipers
    • Stainless Steel Brake Lines Q&A
    • Brake Proportioning Valves: The True Story of a Misunderstood, Misused and Misnamed Brake System Component
  • Brake Dictionaries

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