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Centric's Posi Quiet Brake Pads

Centric's Posi Quiet Brake Pads —
Positive Molding Manufacturing Process

 Centric Parts                Posi Quiet Brake Pads

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All Posi Quiet Brake Pads are manufactured using the same "Positive Molding" process utilized by Original Equipment suppliers.  Positive molding uses extreme pressure to compress the friction material and bond it to the backing plate with the following process:

  • The backing plate is loaded into the mold.
  • The POSITIVE MOLD cavity plate is then placed over the backing plate.
  • Loose friction material is added to the mold.
  • Extreme heat and pressure are applied driving any impurities out of the friction material resulting in a more consistent finished pad.

Positive Molding Process Comparison
                Centric's Posi Quiet Manufacturing Process        Other AfterMarket Manufacturer's Process        

This extreme pressure compresses the friction material creating a more consistent material density throughout the pad.  This translates into more even wear and performance characteristics throughout the life of the brake pad.
Posi Quiet cavity and positive molds are what distinguishes Centric's Posi Quiet manufacturing process from other aftermarket manufacturers.

Posi Quiet Brake Pad Mold

All Posi Quiet Brake Pads feature mechanically-attached, application-specific shims.  These Posi Quiet shims provide superior noise abatement compared to the adhesive or drift-lock style shims utilized by other brake pad manufacturers.

Posi Quiet Shims

Posi Quiet Brake Pads feature either precision cut or shaved backing plates.  These Posi Quiet backing plates reduce vibration and noise by ensuring proper fit in the caliper.  Additionally, correct fitment results in even pad wear and consistent braking power throughout the life of the brake pad.

Posi Quiet Precision Cut Plates

Centric's attention to details ensures proper brake pads fitment in the caliper and virtually eliminates noise associated with pad vibration.

In addition to these features, Centric Parts added a scorching process to all of its Posi Quiet Brake Pads.  Posi Quiet pads are the only full line of aftermarket brake pads that are scorched.  This process, utilized by OE manufacturers, enhances key friction performance levels and provides consistent performance across the entire operating range.

Centric's state-of-the-art scorching oven functions to provide the initial phase of pad break-in.  This process ensures proper friction conditioning right out of the box.

Centric's Brake Pad Scorcher

During the scorching phase, each Posi Quiet Brake Pad is super heated to simulate the initial break-in process.  This additional step removes any uncured bonding agents eliminating the need for initial break-in and reducing noise caused by pad glazing.  Scorching thermally conditions the pad material yielding a more consistent and higher friction level right out of the box.

Scorched Posi Quiet Brake Pads

The scorching process removes any impurities in the friction compound and prepares the brake pad for immediate use.  Scorching benefits the vehicle owner by promoting a more complete bed-in of new brake pads, increasing the effective stopping power from the first stop.

By raising the initial cold effectiveness (pre-burnished average) and stablilizing friction levels (pre- and post-burnishing averages), Posi Quiet Brake Pads have the same "bite" right out of the box without the benefit of an initial green-fade cycle.

Posi Quiet Scorched Friction Benefits

See Posi Quiet Scorched Brake Friction Brochure for a printable brochure.

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