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Centric Brake Rotor’s Black E-Coating

Centric Brake Rotor’s Black E-Coating

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Electrocoating (or E-coating) has been around since the 1930s but soared in popularity in the 1970s due to its use as a primer within the automobile industry.  Since then, the technology has continued to evolve as a protective coating for the metal finishing industry.  It is not only functional as a rust inhibitor but also considered to enhance appearance.

Electrocoating is a method of painting that uses an electrical current to deposit the paint.  The process works on the principal of  “Opposites Attract.”  An unfinished product is immersed in a bath containing an electrophoretic paint emulsion, or oppositely charged paint particles.  An electric current is passed through both the product and the emulsion.  The paint particles that are in contact with the product adhere to the surface and build up an insulating layer.  This layer prevents any further electrical current from passing through, resulting in a perfectly level coating even in the recessed parts of complex-shaped goods.  The product is then removed from the paint bath and baked in an oven.
Electrocoating offers better uniformity, higher density and a less permeable coating than spray applications.  It provides uniform coating thickness over all areas including sharp corners, recesses and areas that would be hard to reach with spray painting.

Advantages of Centric’s Black E-Coating:

  • Electrostatically applied ensuring even and complete coverage
  • Added protection against rust
  • Enhanced, cool appearance through the wheel
  • Salt spray tested for durability

Centric utilizes their Black E-Coating on many of their Centric Premium Brake Rotors as well as on many applications within their SportStop Performance Brake Rotors line of Slotted, Cross-Drilled & Slotted and Cross Drilled brake rotors.  To check whether Centric’s rotors are e-coated for your application, please call Brakewarehouse at 1-888-344-4949.

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