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Centric Parts Brake Rotors

Centric Parts Brake Rotors
Centric Premium Replacement Brake Rotors
SportStop Performance Brake Rotors (Slotted, Cross-Drilled & Slotted, Cross Drilled)
C-Tek Value Brake Rotors

 Centric Parts Brake Rotors

Centric Brake Rotors - Centric Premium, SportStop Performance (Slotted, Cross-Drilled & Slotted, Cross Drilled) & C-Tek Value


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CENTRIC Brake Rotors

Centric Parts is committed to bringing you the best brake rotors in the aftermarket.  Centric has scoured the globe in search of the best brake components the world has to offer.  Their search has led to the development of five distinct brake rotors:

Centric Parts
Centric Premium Brake Rotors (prefix 120) – Centric's Premium Brake Rotor for smoother stops and reduced vibration with their own E-Coating (for most applications); excellent replacement brake rotors manufactured to original equipment (OE) specifications. 

                  Centric High Performance
SportStop Performance – Slotted Brake Rotors
(prefix 126) – formerly Centric High Performance (CHP) Slotted Brake Rotors

SportStop Performance – Cross-Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors (prefix 127) – formerly Centric High Performance (CHP) Cross-Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors

SportStop Performance – Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors (prefix 128) – formerly Centric High Performance (CHP) Cross-Drilled Brake Rotors

(prefix 121) – when price is important and quality is essential

All Centric Brake Rotors are certified to meet QS- and ISO9000 Quality System Standards.  This means that quality control is rigorously measured through in-process inspection and comprehensive online testing all the way from the component parts to the complete assemblies.

When it comes to brake rotors, you do have a choice – Centric.

CENTRIC Premium Brake Rotors

Centric proudly presents the best premium brake rotor in the aftermarket!

Manufactured to OE specifications using the same processes as the factory, Centric's brake rotors start with Original Equipment castings and vane configuration.  Centric also ensures that the metallurgy of their castings are strictly held to OE specifications.  The rotors are then straddle cut guaranteeing the most accurate machining process followed by double disc grinding to provide a double disc ground finish that ensures parallelism and provides a non-directional finish for better pad-rotor break-in.  Centric mill balances during its inspection process.  See Centric Part's rotor manufacturing process for more details.

For many applications, Centric then adds their own Black E-Coating that is electrostatically applied ensuring even and complete coverage.  This provides better rust protection from the elements and ensures a cleaner appearance through your wheels.  See Centric rotors electrocoating process for more details. 

Centric's Premium Brake Rotors Features:

Smoother Stops:

All Centric Premium Brake Rotors have a run-out tolerance of within .0015” and a DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) tolerance of within .0005” ensuring  smoother stops with reduced pedal pulsation.

Reduced Vibration:

With a balance specification of within 5.00 gr/mm, Centric Premium Rotors spin truer resulting in less vibration being felt by the driver when braking from all speeds.

Application Specific Castings:

All Centric Premium Rotor castings are application specific.  Their precision manufacturing process utilizes 7 grades of casting alloys and all vented rotors retain their O.E. vane design.  Centric Premium Brake Rotors exactly match the look and feel of original equipment (OE).

Silver Rust-Proof Finish:

Centric Premium Brake Rotors are finished with a specialized GeoMet® coating — a reliable, proven, corrosion-resistant metal finishing that protects against corrosion even under the harshest conditions and is used extensively by OEMs.

Less Noise:

All Centric Premium Brake Rotors receive a straddle cut finish of less than Ra 1.5.  This promises proper contact with the brake pad, reducing noise and vibration.


CENTRIC's SportStop Performance Brake Rotors
(formerly CHP - Centric High Performance - Brake Rotors) 

SportStop Performance Brake Rotors, offered as Slotted, Cross-Drilled or Cross-Drilled & Slotted , deliver better heat and gas dissipation.  They are specifically designed to run cooler and promote improved wet and dry braking performance.

The natural enemy of braking performance is heat.  When temperature levels reach critical levels, a thin layer of gasses actually prevent the brake pads from making complete contact with the rotor friction surface.  The addition of slotting or cross-drilling to the friction surface of the brake rotor promotes the evacuation of these gasses and improves stopping performance and pedal feel.

Centric's SportStop Slotted Rotors have specially designed, directional slots that remove gasses from in between the brake pad and the friction surface of the rotor.  By removing these gasses, temperatures drop and brake performance increases.

The addition of cross-drilling to their slotted rotor further increases performance by pulling more gas and heat away from the friction contact zone.  Centric's SportStop Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotors feature countersunk holes that reduce stress risers and fractures.  This allows for more surface area than conventional cross-drilled rotors thereby offering better structural integrity of the brake rotor.

All SportStop Performance Brake Rotors are made to exacting standards.  Each rotor is analyzed for its specific application and design so that Centric engineers can determine the optimal slotting or drilling pattern to maximize stopping power.  Using today's most advanced CNC machines, these patterns are then cut into the rotor.  This level of quality control ensures that each SportStop brake rotor will perform to the highest levels every time under all driving conditions.

SportStop Performance Brake Rotors, combined with Posi Quiet Brake Pads are a cost effective alternative to expensive aftermarket Big Brake Kits providing the most efficient bolt-on performance brake upgrade offered today.  In addition to improved braking performance, cross-drilled and slotted rotors look great through aftermarket wheels.

See SportStop Performance Brake Rotors for more details.

See SportStop High Performance Brake Systems Brochure for a printable brochure.

SportStop Performance Brake Rotors


C-TEK Brake Rotors by CENTRIC

When price is important and quality is essential, C-TEK brake rotors by Centric offer many of the benefits of an OEM part at a fraction of the cost.

C-TEK Brake Rotors offer:

  • High quality and value
  • Double disc ground finish
  • Manufactured to OE metallurgy, fit and function specifications
  • Offered for a wide range of applications.

C-Tek Brake Rotors



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