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Centric Parts Brake Calipers

Centric Parts Brake Calipers
Centric Parts Premium Semi-Loaded Brake Calipers
Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Calipers

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CENTRIC PARTS Brake Calipers

Brakewarehouse offers Centric Parts Premium Semi-Loaded Brake Calipers and Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Calipers as recommended replacements.

  • Centric Parts Premium Semi-Loaded Calipers (prefix 141)
  • Posi Quiet Loaded Calipers — loaded with application-specific Posi Quiet Brake Pads (prefix 142)

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Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Calipers by CENTRIC PARTS

Posi Quiet Loaded Caliper Features:

  • All New Hardware:
    • Posi Quiet Brake Calipers have all new hardware installed.  All guide bolts, pins, through bolts and seals are replaced guaranteeing the caliper will work correctly.

  • Rust-Proof Finish:
    • All Posi Quiet Brake Calipers receive either a zinc dichromate-plated finish or OE-colored powder coating depending on application.  This finish will not interfere with final fitment and provides long lasting, rust-free performance.

  • Less Noise:
    • Posi Quiet Calipers utilize the new Quiet Clips™ style abutment clips.  These Quiet Clips ensure proper brake pad fitment and reduced vibration and noise under braking.

  • No Leaks:
    • All Posi Quiet Brake Calipers are 100% pressure tested after final assembly.  In addition all threads are re-tapped and surfaces re-knurled to provide proper sealing of banjo-style fittings and hose ends.

  • New Pistons:
    • Every piston, whether phenolic or steel, is replaced.

Posi Quiet Loaded Brake Caliper


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