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Brake Pads with Less Dust — Get "Dustless" with Us!

Brake Dust? Buy Brake Pads with Less Dust!

Tired of black, dusty, greasy wheels the day after you detailed your vehicle? We can help!

Some luxury vehicles – Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo – are notorious for dirty wheels!

Performance-oriented manufacturers strive to provide their customers with massive stopping power, with minimal noise. To that end, they fit their vehicles with relatively soft brake pads. These soft brake pads help the vehicles achieve astounding predictability, power and control but can leave a black, clingy dust on your expensive wheels!

Brake "dust" is actually a combination of carbon fibers, metal filings and adhesives generated as the brake pads press against the rotors. This dust not only makes your wheels unsightly but can also etch the finish of your wheels if left unattended.

There’s no way to eliminate brake dust entirely because brake pads are designed to wear. If they didn’t, they’d chew up the rotors. The good news is that there are alternatives to OE high-black-dust brake pads. A growing number of aftermarket brake pad suppliers now have “low-dusting” formulations that improve wheel cosmetics, as well as brake performance. Consequently, they don’t have that unsightly appearance associated with the black, greasy dust and your wheels stay cleaner longer.

Brakewarehouse recommends the following low-dusting Brake Pads:


Axxis Deluxe Advanced Brake Pads

• The latest evolution of the world-renowned Axxis Deluxe formulations
• Uncompromising performance with an exceptionally smooth pedal feel and hardly any detectable level of brake dust
• Formulated from ceramic NAO materials

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Available in the Online Catalog (show up as "Axxis Deluxe Advanced", "Axxis Deluxe Plus", "Axxis Deluxe" or "Axxis Deluxe Organic").

Rotex Brake Pads

"The No Black Dust Brake Pad"
• Top-rated performance for ultra-smooth braking, long service life and extremely low dust
• Kevlar-blended, semi-metallic pads

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Available in the Online Catalog.

Ceramicool Brake Pads

• The revolutionary "true" organic ceramic formulation
• Designed for cool, clean, quiet and long-lasting operation

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Available in the Online Catalog.

Posi Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads

Positive mold technology for long-life, low-dust formulation
• Post-cured high temperature thermo-processed brake pads means no break-in required
• OE-designed shims for noise-free braking
• Stable friction performance across a wide temperature range

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Available in the Online Catalog.

Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads

• Ultra stopping power in an ultra-low dust, low-noise ceramic compound
• Increased stopping power
• Increased rotor life; extended pad life
• Extremely quiet
• Stable friction output

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